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 Combat Training

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PostSubject: Combat Training   Sat Sep 04, 2010 8:46 pm

Another new enhancement that comes with Black Ops is Combat Training. What started off as a development tool to test things evolved into something much, much more. It started off as a single player that would just sit there and give feedback on gun damage and what not and evolved into a full AI experience to test out the multiplayer against the computer.

In Combat Training on Black Ops you set off against an artificial team with your own artificial teammates or friends you bring in to Combat Training. It is completely separate from multiplayer but acts just like Multiplayer to help give you a leg up when jumping into the fire.

Want to test out a new loadout or new strategy, combat training is the perfect spot to see how you like the feel for the loadout you created. Fully test the gun against the AI in combat training before tanking your K/D ration in a live match.

Black Ops Combat Training is perfect for newer players as well to get used to how multiplayer works and familiarize themselves with the maps or for older players to go over a strategy on certain maps.

This is a great feature set that comes loaded with Black Ops making the user experience even that much better!
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Combat Training
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